Alternative Macro Global

 ACE Capital Investments’ Research division produces Alternative Global Macro, a subscription-based report that analyses recent movements within the equity, fixed-income and commodity markets where we write about our investment philosophy, market updates and geopolitical commentary relating to recent events. In addition to the above markets focus, Alternative Global Macro also discusses our research on investment strategies and alternative investment vehicles and how they affect our current thinking regarding portfolio construction. 

In order to limit the dilution of our thoughts and research, we cap the number of subscribers to Alternative Global Macro.

Why Alternative Global Macro?

  Our experience in commodity trading, Government Bond analysis and hedge fund management means we can quickly identify trends that will affect an investor’s portfolio and help them take action to capitalise on these trends. 

 We are academics with over 10 published research papers in leading journals. Our in-depth knowledge helps us to undertake a deep-dive into a specific market or instrument to continuously keep our clients abreast of new opportunities.

 Our geopolitical insight, gleaned from 15 years of experience with top-secret clearance in the U.S. intelligence arena, means we can identify opportunities for our clients that other providers can’t. 

  Our access to hedge fund managers around the world gives us access to a wide range of insights and strategies that help form the market sentiment we deliver to our clients.